Frequently Asked Questions

Is breakfast included?

Do the houses have air-conditioning?
The houses at S. Gregório were rebuilt according to secular construction techniques, making them cool in summer and warm in winter. Additionally, all the houses have fireplaces and other alternative forms of heating/cooling.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, animals are not allowed in the houses and the Village of S. Gregório does not have the proper facilities to house them.

Does the village have a swimming pool?
Yes, a swimming pool for the exclusive use of the Village Guests was built during the summer of 2003.

What else is there to visit and do?
Our guests can enjoy walks and bicycle rides in the Serra d'Ossa, bow and arrow, and visits with wine tasting sessions at the regional wineries. For the more daring and radical guests, canoeing, karting and paint-ball competitions can be organised in advance with specialised companies. For those looking for a quiet rest, we advise sitting in the shade of an olive tree, enjoying the views and watching time just slip by ... slowly.

What are the Payment conditions?
Payment can be made by way of traveller's checks or cash. Payment must be made at checkout. A deposit may be required in the case of reservation of several houses or prolonged stay.

Are the houses warm?
Yes, we have central heating.